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Dalian lvshun//discovery/flying 4th regular tour

Dalian lvshun//discovery/flying 4th regular tour

RMB 2250/person  

advance registration: proposal for more than 7 days in advance     view tour dates;

tour venue: Nanjing  

accommodation standard: three-star comfort  /;

shopping: 3  

passing through scenic areas: Liaoning   Dalian   South bullet   Lushun military harbor   snake Museum   the polar Marine Museum   Museum of coral   gaiety Theatre   Discovery Kingdom theme park  

travel arrangements

first day of   in Nanjing fly to beautiful beach city-Dalian, after the pick-up, hotel

breakfast:  lunch:  dinner:  

accommodation: Dalian  

second days   breakfast Hou ride to known as half Department history of said of Lushun tour, visit Russian army land anti-South bullet library   (about 30 minutes), world five big naval one of of Lushun naval   (about 30 minutes), snake Museum   (about 40 minutes), Museum scenic, friendship Tower, Dalian tree torch pine, victory Tower, far views White Mountain Tower, visit Asia maximum of city square-Xinghai square, appearance modern Museum, and international exhibition center, and Shells Museum, car tour Dalian romantic lover road-Marina road, Tiger carved square, car views 104 guided missile destroyer, Asia maximum of Tiger Beach marine theme park--polar marine animal Museum, and coral Museum, and Joy Theatre (190 Yuan themselves) (about 3.5 hours around) friendship recommended attractions: Ocean letter crocodile park (60 Yuan) (1 hours), four Theater (50 Yuan) (15 minutes)

breakfast:   lunch:  dinner:  

accommodation: Dalian  

third days   breakfast Hou, tour known as "China North of Disney paradise" stone • found Kingdom theme park (tickets 170 Yuan/people if not to can free activities day): found Kingdom theme park) is located in Dalian stone Beach National Tourism resort in the of stone Beach Gold Coast Shang scale for national maximum--accounted for to 470,000 square meters, than Hong Kong Disney also to big out near one-third, found Kingdom Park is divided into six big theme   is a completely Leisure holiday type of playground, All the attractions are Opera-style of interaction. Here will experience thrilling roller coasters and scary gangster battle explosions, stimulating crazy town crazy Indiana, romantic. Interesting stone like crazy Limbo dance journey of discovery.

breakfast:   lunch:  dinner:  

accommodation: Dalian  

the fourth day   after breakfast, free activities, flew back to Nanjing, the warmth of home, end journey.

breakfast:   lunch:  dinner:  


Top price includes 1, accommodation: hung Samsung standard twin room, paragraphs like single men's singles women tourists three people or poor or supplement for an extra bed.  

2, meals: included three breakfast

3, tickets: big ticket attractions ... (Lushun package + Discovery Kingdom tickets)

4, car air conditioning coach.

5, traffic: a roundtrip passenger flights

6  Guide: local guide services.

7, children: child no bed, no breakfast, free tickets and other adult ...

price does not include self-care items: featured attractions of friendship: Ocean crocodile park (60 RMB) (1 hour), cinema (50) (15 minutes).