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Beijing (Premier pure play) fly to high-speed 6th tour

Beijing (Premier pure play) fly to high-speed 6th tour

RMB 2390/person  

advance registration: proposal for more than 7 days in advance     view tour dates;

tour venue: Nanjing  

accommodation standard: two stars and/economic  

shopping: 0  

passing through scenic areas: Beijing   square   the National Theater location   Prince Gong's mansion   Palace   Jumbo Clock Museum   Wangfujing pedestrian street   Ming Palace of wax   Badaling great wall Olympic Park  2008 year   nest   cubic   Temple   the Empress Dowager Cixi channel   the summer palace   Chairman Mao Memorial Hall   new Qianmen Street   East Gate Tower of  

travel arrangements

first day of   after the Beijing Capital Airport, hotel, day free at leisure. Due to the different individual time of arrival, during the pick process as pending case, please forgive me!

breakfast:  lunch:  dinner:  

accommodation: Beijing,  

second days   breakfast Hou tour world Shang maximum of city center square--Tiananmen Square, can overlooking National Centre for location, recommended tour gong Palace (tickets 70 themselves 60 minutes); recommended rickshaw tour courtyard (tickets 50 Yuan by run time); visit world existing maximum of ancient Palace complex--Palace Museum (about 90 minutes), recommended treasures watches Museum (tickets 20 themselves 30 minutes); exclusive gift value 180 yuan of large stage drama "gold surface dynasty" ; Free Wangfujing pedestrian street, Dong Hua men night market delicacies. (Dinner choice, paying for: recommended donglaishun instant-boiled mutton traditional Beijing cuisine "ravioli Hou")

breakfast:   lunch:   dinner:  

accommodation: Beijing,  

third days   breakfast Hou tour tombs--long Ling (about 60 minutes); recommended Ming Palace Wax Museum (tickets 40 themselves 40 minutes); lunch Hou tour world eight big miracle one of Badaling great wall (about 90 minutes) (wall ropeway 60 Yuan themselves); tour Beijing 2008 Olin Olympic Park (30 minutes), near views National Stadium "nest" (tickets 50 Yuan themselves 30 minutes) and the national swimming Center "water cubic" (tickets 30 yuan themselves 30 minutes), complex.

breakfast:   lunch:   dinner:  

accommodation: Beijing,  

fourth day   after breakfast, tour of the Ming and Qing dynasties worship heaven site--the Temple of heaven Park (including the big ticket, 30 minutes); recommended Empress Dowager Cixi waterways (70 tickets themselves, according to the actual running time), visited China's largest Imperial garden-the Summer Palace (about 60 minutes), give the value of 85 sea world, featured around the central tower (admission 70 self-40 minutes). (Dinner choice, paying for: recommended good restaurants or imitation White Mansion restaurant)

breakfast:   lunch:   dinner:  

accommodation: Beijing,  

fifth day of   after breakfast sightseeing Chairman Mao Memorial Hall (closed routinely visit location); tours new Qianmen Street, feel strong Beijing-culture (about 20 minutes) East Gate Tower (about 30 minutes), to the hotel after the tour ended.

breakfast:   lunch:  dinner:  

accommodation: Beijing,  

sixth day of   natural sleep wake up, unified group of Beijing, Beijing South railway station--the Nanjing South railway station, ended a pleasant trip to Beijing!

breakfast:   lunch:  dinner:  


Top price includes transportation: flight from Nanjing to Beijing, Beijing-Nanjing high-speed rail, local aircondition

accommodation standard: hang hanging two or three standard rooms the hotel is subject to signing

food standards: eight dishes, soup, and a table of ten

tickets: big ticket attractions (except for small ticket and self-care project)

guided tours: guided tours

costs not containing themselves project: gong Palace (tickets 70 Yuan   themselves 60 minutes) rickshaw tour courtyard (tickets 50 Yuan   by run time), wall slide (tickets 50 Yuan   by run time) Ming Palace Wax Museum (tickets 40 themselves 40 minutes) "nest" + "water cubic"   (tickets 80 Yuan themselves 60 minutes), central tower (tickets 70 Yuan themselves 40 minutes) Empress Dowager waterways (tickets 70 Yuan themselves   According to the actual run time)

booking information

reminder reminder: high-speed rail ticket refund, the alteration shall have my identity to the train station or station, and 20% nuclear charge in ticket fares (for reference only, a refund subject to the actual charges), I shall not handle change back, thank cooperation!

children: one adult may carry a child, children below 1.2-1.5 (not including 1.5 meters) can apply for tickets for children, to buy children's tickets at half the actual nominal (ultimately subject to the actual coupon, high-speed rail ticket agency for children in principle not purchasing).

1, due to high-speed rail opening early shuttle ultimately subject to the ticket, such as trips require confirmation before they can respond to guest with me, inconvenience, please understand;

2.12 age children under 1.4 m ticket half a meal/breakfast and local spaces, clothes and other expenses (such as airport shuttle, go/return train tickets themselves); gift items please take care of the child, adults may exchange tours for children, may also voluntarily give up fee is not refundable.

3. venue: Plane-airport;-Beijing railway station the station; underground North West railway station the station;

4. natural single, I try to spell, if you cannot spell, padded room is poor, poor local pay   in second/370/person/night; Samsung: 80 yuan/person/night;

5. in case of natural disaster or other force majeure factors, visitors journey or other damage caused by guests conceit;

6. the itineraries to fit every day fight, trip will be rolled over to go, attractions, not reduce the possibility of cases before and after the trip will have to adjust, stroke order, will be fit to whichever;

7. all passengers must carry their ID card, hotel must register checking, such as failing to bring not staying at my agency are not responsible!!!

8. fly, it is recommended that in 120 minutes before the plane arrived at the airport, airline before departure 30 minutes (high season 45 minutes) stop check in, took off 10 minutes before closing the hatch; traveling, suggested departure time on the ticket 60 minutes before the train station, to complete boarding formalities;

9. Agency tour or trip over at 12:00 sent free uniform station, with the group, long on the day and depart in the middle of the guest will not be sent;

10. Please be sure to bring valid ID on the day of departure and a train ticket, caused by the guests themselves have missed the train, Miss machine, all losses and expenses incurred by the guests themselves;

11. in case of complaint: I checked comments as a guest list is subject, such as reception and quality problems in Beijing before the left here, I do not accept, with thanks!