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Visiting Wuhan dam * of * travel * Shennong Wudang double penetrating 5th tour

Visiting Wuhan dam * of * travel * Shennong Wudang double penetrating 5th tour

¥ 1980/person  

advance registration: proposal for more than 7 days in advance     view tour dates;

tour venue: Nanjing  

accommodation standard: three-star comfort  /;

shopping: 1  

passing through scenic areas: Hubei   Wuhan   Yichang   Tower   dam   Three Gorges waterfall   in shennongjia nature reserve,   mountain   purple clouds Palace   Golden   Gurung  

travel arrangements

first days   guest itself to Nanjing South Station, took D3057 times 09:13 points train group to Johnson-Wuhan (train run about 3 hours 20 minutes), I social staff Hankou train station Hou, can according to time at their own expense tour South three name floor one of "yellow crane Tower 120 Yuan/people themselves, containing tour fare tickets, runs about 1.5H around", afternoon took BUS to hydropower of are-Yichang (full high-speed, car drive 4.5H), staying Hotel

breakfast:  lunch:  dinner:  

accommodation:  , Yichang;

second days   breakfast Hou ride by three gorges dedicated Highway, tour World Water Wonders "Three Gorges Dam 165 Yuan/people themselves, tour about 2.5H", afternoon Yichang ride to Central roof  --Shennong frame (car drive 4.5H), way tour Central first big falls "Three Gorges big falls, tour about 1.5H": was as "China IV, Hubei first", visitors praised said: "towards tour white fruit, a mountain Sun a mountain fog; afternoon tour white fruit, a cool a Shu And twilight tours white fruit, a sunset dew, " , and along the Guan Xiaofeng ecological rural scenery, Gao Lan xiangxi Bay bed and Foshan, the original scenery of the Grand Canyon, rooms at the hotel

breakfast:   lunch:   dinner:  

accommodation: wooden  

third days   breakfast Hou ride to scenic, transfer environmental car tour "Shennong frame nature reserve, runs 4H around": visit dragons Tan savage study station, and hiking original forest Gold Monkey ling, feel Gold Monkey waterfall, and views charming of Shennong Valley, and savage haunted to siding rock original forest, and Lookout Tower, attractions, afternoon ride to Central Taoist San Diego-Wudang (full ecological Highway, car drive 5H), staying Hotel

breakfast:   lunch:   dinner:  

accommodations: mountain or Shiyan  

fourth days   breakfast Hou ride to "Wudang gate", transfer environmental car, tour taste 36 rock in the landscape most beautiful of a at--South Rock Palace: burn leading big incense, products dew St tea; at their own expense tour Wudang save most intact of is maximum of Dojo--"Purple Xiao Palace at their own expense 15 Yuan/people": listening Taoist van Gogh sound, participate in handyman late altar lessons; tour "mirage" Port-au-Prince slope ancient complex "four must"--zigzag Yellow River wall, and a in four door, and ten in osmanthus incense, and a column 12 beam, Enjoy tea ceremony performance of Taoism. Ride to Joan Taiwan can at their own expense took ropeway (themselves: uplink 80 Yuan/people, down 70 Yuan/people) Shang "jinding, at their own expense 20 Yuan/people" arrived elevation 1612  meters Tianzhu peak, experience to "being pro extremely, list all mountain small" of scenery, visit Wo Palace, and transit Temple, and Emperor mosque and forbidden city within towering majestic of Palace, tours Kangxi Imperial brush, staying hotel.

breakfast:   lunch:   dinner:  

accommodation: xiangfan, Wudang mountain, or  

the fifth day   4 a-class scenic area around Xiangyang country "Gurung": Liu Bei "Academia Sinica" and popular in the long story of this. National key scenery scenic spot area national key cultural relics protection units. Afternoon drive to the Wuhan (full speed, 4H), Wuhan this afternoon to arrange "Nanyang jade Palace Square" or   "Hubei native" shoppers, laden with blessings and gifts for family, sent by 17:09 D3078 Hankou station train back to Nanjing, ending happy smart trip!!!

breakfast:   lunch:   dinner:  


Top price includes 1. accommodation: 4 nights, business standard twin room;

2. traffic: round-trip motor coach, second seat, a local air conditioning coach;

3. tickets: Three Gorges waterfall, the shennongjia nature reserve, Wudang mountain tickets, Gurung, shennongjia reserve tickets and mountain eco-car;

4. Guide: excellent guide service in Hubei Province full;  

5. insurance: travel insurance;

6. meals: full cruise 4 early 4 dinner catering take care of themselves;

price does not include self-care projects.  

booking information

reminder 1, line fit more than two times a week, this agency depending on the situation on the ground changes, will remain on schedule, attractions, tour the right to adjust the timing and sequence of,

but to ensure that the quality of tourism. In case of national policy adjustment and increased costs and losses caused by irresistible factors by the guests themselves.

2, ask them to bring a valid certificate, have heart disease, high blood pressure and other diseases shall not be liable for problems caused by travel agencies.

3, single male or single female on the ground such as tourists, travel agents will try to spell and who cannot spell please tourists make up the difference in real;

4, in the scenic area when crowded, take a scenic environment need to wait, please wait patiently.

5, fit the mission fight Please note that compliance with the Guide on the return collection time of contract, the Agency reserves the right to depart by Convention time.

6, quality to the guests for the voucher, please fill in, such as when you fill out the comments form does not indicate the complaint, after returning to Nanjing, I no longer receive complaints

7, if time permits, request increases or the signed consent of the guides can be recommended by the guest project: the yellow crane tower at their own expense 120 Yuan/person

dam 165 Yuan/person at their own expense   expense jinding 20 Yuan/person   from Fei Zixiao 15 yuan/person   cableway in Wudang mountain at their own expense from 150 yuan/person