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Harbin, mirrors, wudalianchi flying 7th tour

Harbin, mirrors, wudalianchi flying 7th tour

RMB 4850/person  

advance registration: proposal for more than 7 days in advance     view tour dates;

tour venue: Nanjing  

accommodation standard: three-star comfort  /;

shopping: 0  

passing through scenic areas: Shenyang  , Harbin   long Ta   Church of Saint Sophia   Central Avenue   Stalin Park   flood control monument   Russia market   souvenir shop in Northeast   polar Museum   Sun Island Park   indoor ice   Russia ethnic town   mirrors   diao Shui Lou waterfalls   In Mudanjiang   Russia trade city   Dragon stone tower scenic   North drink spring scenic spot   Black Dragon Hill scenic area  

travel arrangements

first day of   the opportunity to go to the Paris of the Orient--Harbin, guests take airport bus to the city itself (40 km, 50 minutes, bus fees themselves 20 Yuan/person), tour guide urban civil aviation station to meet our guests to the hotel.

breakfast:  lunch:  dinner:  

accommodation:  , Harbin;

the next day   after breakfast, hotel pick up. Visit Asia's tallest steel Tower-"Dragon Tower" (120 at their own expense, travel about 1 hour). Via Russia style of Gogol Street, nearly century-old JI HongQiao. Visit the largest Orthodox Church in the far East---"Holy Sophia Cathedral" (about 15 minutes). Century-old street to discover exotic-"Central Avenue" (about 15 minutes), visit China's strip of open park--"Stalin Park" (approximately 10 minutes), the landmark of Harbin---"the flood control monument" (about 10 minutes). Visit the Russia market (about 45 minutes), souvenir shop in northeast (about 45 minutes). After lunch, went to the the songbei new district of Harbin city modernization. Visit Harbin "polar Museum" (at their own expense 130), watching China's only underwater whale show (1.5 hours), romantic man and Moby's Titanic, white whale baby special blessings, the lucky Halo wishes to can also see whales. Visit the famous "Sun Island Park 30", you can take the battery (take care of 20 Yuan/person) tour (1 hour), visitors can enjoy in the Sun Island indoor ice (at his cost 110 Yuan per person, 20 minutes), gives you a different kind of summer, experience the city charm. If time permits you can also visit the hospitality of "Russia ethnic towns" (take care of 60 Yuan/person, around 40 minutes), access to small town small town into the town for you visa, Russian coffee taste, visit Russia aunt workshop and feel the exotic mood. Returned to the hotel after the tour.

breakfast:   lunch:   dinner:  

accommodation:  , Harbin;

third day   7:40, gather at the Harbin railway station, K7001 train (08:10/12:55) to Mudanjiang. Lunch (train Shang themselves) Hou ride to national first Alpine Lake--"mirrors 80" (1.5 hours, and 95 km), at their own expense ride to (0.5 hours, and 30 km) "forest oxygen's"--tour known as "Green Pearl" of said of crater national forest park (105 Yuan tickets and the mirrors-underground forest fare 40 Yuan costs themselves), tour lava tunnel, and crater, and blinkered, and welcome guest lime, and pine worship, and Qi Tianting, attractions (Tour 2.5 hours). Tour by car battery (themselves, and 12 Yuan/person, need to 3-4) into the Jingpo Lake scenic area, rooms at the hotel after dinner.

breakfast:   lunch:  dinner:  

accommodation: mirrors  

the fourth day   after breakfast, boat (80 Yuan at their own expense) to visit beautiful scenery on the Lake, Maogong mountain, Moon Bay, Lake Island, flying Rainbow, baishilazi, Liu Shaoqi chalet (1.5 hours). Tour domestic first seat East pharmacists seven Buddha of Dojo--pharmacists Temple, tour mirrors eight big scenery one of---"hanging water floor falls" (0.5 hours), and black shitan, and black cliff, and views waterfall Pavilion, visit 10,000 years Qian natural formed of natural landscape basalt, and Deng Xiao-ping's inscription, listening mirrors beautiful of legend, can tour red Luo female Culture Park, and inscription, ride returned Mudanjiang, visit Mudanjiang in the, and Russian city (0.5 hours). K7106 train in the afternoon (13:15/18:16) returned to Harbin, after the hotel.

breakfast:   lunch:   dinner:  

accommodation:  , Harbin;

fifth day   earlier (packing breakfast) 06:00 under the Harbin railway station clock collection, train hard seat 4,031 (6:41/13:30) in North Andover, [lunch on the way to take care of oneself]. Traveling to address national park----wudalianchi scenic spot. Tour "gantry stone tower scenic 50" (tour about 1.5 hours), watch hundreds of thousands of years Qian stone screaming landslides of geological remains, stone waves Tao, and Pinnacle town, and stone tower Castle, and pursuit trail, and gantry lying to pine, singular landscape; tour world name "North drink Springs scenic 30" (about 1 hours), walk Yu drug Springs Lake, and benefits body Park, and benefits body Pavilion, and water Office, and falls. Rooms at the hotel after dinner.

breakfast:   lunch:  dinner:  

accommodations: five ponds of  

the sixth day   after breakfast, visit the "Black Lung Shan scenic area 80" (car battery care 25/person; tour about 2.5 hours): top burners, lava stone sea, water Curtain Cave overfall water Curtain Cave, magma, and magma overfall. Two or three pool wind (about 20 minutes)   (Han day Russian overseas tourism shopping city 30 minutes); can at their own expense tour "volcano geological Museum" (themselves 20 Yuan/people   about 50 minutes). it is by volcano geological integrated exhibition hall, and painting Office, and information Studio composition of full show wudalianchi volcano remains, and geological structure formed, and biological ecological evolution process, sandbox, and chart, and text, and real, and image, show content colorful, it is open volcano of mystery of golden key, After lunch, take a train back to Northampton, 4,032 seat (13:32/20:03) return to Harbin, hotel upon arrival.

breakfast:   lunch:   dinner:  

accommodation:  , Harbin;

seventh day   after breakfast group, ending northeast of pleasant journey!

breakfast: early   lunch:  dinner:  


Top price includes accommodations: the three-star hotel standard twin room "Note: mirrors for the scenic spot II standard, wudalianchi scenic family hotel standard twin room, no air conditioning, cottage, local reception conditions is limited, please your guests and guests about the" (such as poor 1 Please fill rooms)  

meals: 5 and 6 early (meals eight dishes, soup, and a table of ten)

tickets: tickets for the first

car: air conditioning coaches, local trains (not including airport shuttle to town, bus 20 Yuan/person to take care of civil aviation)

service: excellent guided tours and services

price does not include the recommended attractions at their own expense and price (plain, are voluntary consumption):


polar Museum 130 Yuan/person   long Ta tower at 120 Yuan/person   indoor ice 80 yuan/person (June 10 price of 110 Yuan/person)  

Sun Island battery 20 Yuan/person   Russia style town 60 Yuan/person   Moscow theatre 200-280 Yuan/person (under the seat)  


underground forest 145 Yuan/person (105 tickets, fare 40 Yuan)   cruise 80 yuan/person   area within the battery 12 Yuan/times (need to take 3-4)

the ponds:

old Montenegro scenic environment car 25 Yuan/person   volcano Museum, 20 Yuan/person   such as attractions at their own expense subject to extra fare is 20 Yuan/person

booking information

reminder 1, flag or guest name export at the railway station or bus terminal in the urban area of Civil Aviation Regiment (special requirements or airport shuttle separately);

2, individual attractions not listed in the itinerary cannot change (hence does not accept the old cards, student cards, guide card, military ID, certificates of disability and other special documents), such as group or

no cost occurred as a voluntary quit, costs do not retreat, when I was not responsible for group visitor safety issues; travel attractions, guests at their own expense to sign voluntary participation, shopping without forcing the consumer, follow the principle of guests purchase. Buy any product in the shopping, make your shopping to ask for receipts to guarantee your interests. If they do not attend at their own expense this time for free, fails to make other arrangements

3, guest singles women's Agency has the right to adjust or guests fill the room is poor, if the last day of free activities, please inform the guests check out before 12:00, if there is delay, paid for by customers themselves  

4, due to spell special operation, guests arrive at different times, guests stay will be a short time before the collection, please tour prior to departure the guests to answer support

bulk spell spell number less than 5, such as 3, travel by taxi, tour, please inform the customer

6, without reducing the attractions in case, I have the right to adjust the stroke order; without changing the reception standard case, I keep adjust rail trips,

actual execution time of the driving time to the railway sector

7, the reception quality is subject to guests the quality, travel agency, please explain to visitors holding a fair, just, the principle of seeking truth from facts to fill in the feedback form,

If have any objection regarding service standards, in the local, please understand I do not accept the return and objections

8, in cases of force majeure, or the non-travel agency liability resulting from accident scenarios, the travel agency had to adjust or change when travel arrangements for the contract, the consent of the visitor under guest comments on the change, please cooperate with travel arrangements

9, the peak of the tourist season, students go back to school and other railways, such as the limited sale tickets are sold according to the actual coupon settlement.

10, the mission mountain tourist routes more, apply only to higher air conditioning car chassis, air conditioning, seat spacing may be less than ideal, but to ensure that each had a sitting. Local hotels and dining area there is a gap in the South, taste has a certain bias. Please you to forgive me. Offsite tours dining easy acclimatized, visitors should bring their own medicines.

11, guests carry appropriate items, such as: chocolate, gastrointestinal medicines, sunscreen, Sun Hat, ...

12, please take care of your possessions, such as a loss of property, fails to take responsibility.

13, northeast of the provincial capital is the old city, the city's three, four star hotels generally older than similar hotels in most cities on the Mainland to offer you more inclusive.

tours and tour guides in order have the right to be adjusted according to the actual situation, unforeseeable factors