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Lotus Buddhist city, hwadae 3rd days tour

Lotus Buddhist city, hwadae 3rd days tour

Early registration: proposal for more than 3 days in advance     view tour dates;

location: Nanjing  

accommodation standard: two stars and/economic  

shopping: 2  

passing through scenic areas: Anhui  , chizhou city,   JIU Hua Shan   Huacheng Temple   hundred   precise Dan Hall   halls of the flesh   Tiantai scenic   the flower bed area  

travel arrangements

first days   Nanjing early starting to four Buddhist mountain one of-"jiuhua mountain" (190 Yuan, about 4 hours), visit incense shop (about 0.5 hours), afternoon tour "of city Temple"   (about 1 hours)--Bell blessing peace (jiuhua mountain mountain zu Temple), "hundred age Palace"   (about 2.5 hours) (dedicated 126 age died of flawless Jackson body), and East ya Temple,, "fine Dan Hall"   (about 0.5 hours).

breakfast:  lunch:  dinner:  

accommodation: on the Hill or mountain  

second days   early worship "flesh Hall", (about 1.5 hours) to hid Temple, Hou took line car to "rooftop scenic" (about 4.5 hours), views thousand years ancient pine – – Phoenix pine, and rooftop Temple, and worship by Taiwan, big Peng listening to Kyoishi, and beetle towards Beidou, tour Buddha culture a article Street, free activities, sat King make car down, staying hotel.

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accommodations: mountain  

third day   earlier to "flower bed area" (about 3 hours). Take the flower bed on the ropeway, overlooking the glacier remnants-the boulders, lightning stones, overlooking drum peak, cat bowls, Grand Canyon Min Yuan, monkey milk, to the cable station. Ring stone, Buddhism, through forests, view hide Tan boots arrives basaltic peaks view Peng, to pass the lingfeng, view dung beetles, praying through lingshi, return on the flower bed is the top, list of JIU Hua Celestine, a taste of "Miao Qi, open JIU Hua mountain" of mysticism. Flower bed under the tramway, visited local confluence of jiuhua mountain (about  0.5). Return to the warm home.

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Top price includes transportation: air-conditioned coach

accommodation standard: pubiao: General Hotel 2-3 rooms standard: standard hotel room Samsung: tone Samsung hotels

mountain: exclusive rooms at the Grand Central hotel or hotel

food standards: self-care

price does not include chargeable: centenarian tram: 55 Yuan/person on, down 55 Yuan/person; the rooftop cable: for 75 Yuan/person, for 75 Yuan/person; flower bed ropeway: 90 yuan/person on, 90 yuan/person under  

booking information

★ reminder for your safety, visitors are advised to take out travel accident insurance, costs 10 yuan/person;

☆ Please arrive at the collection sites, obsolete automatically abandon the mission could not be processed, costs do not return; please keep communication open, so as to guide prior to notification related issues;

☆ in case of national policy adjustment, force majeure or tourists themselves, losses and increased costs caused by tourists themselves;

☆ tourists is an individual, please choose carefully if tourists want to shop for the formal invoices or vouchers;

attraction ticket ☆ the journey price as the reference retail price, if the relevant valid documents, attractions tickets failed to produce concessions, travel at discount prices to return;

☆ for the safety of you and your family, children in the 1-meter height above seats by car, please truthfully children's height, such as costs and adverse consequences of not truthfully by tourists in vain;

☆ Please pay attention to personal safety and property security (Please pay particular attention to the safety of children);

☆ in the case considering the attraction capacity and visitor safety, tourist attractions and travel agents do not reduce the journey time of the case, order before and after the adjustments.

☆ tourist personal injury and financial loss caused by road traffic accidents, in accordance with the People's Republic of China compensating measures on handling road traffic accidents;