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Pure PuTuo Buddhist Kingdom on the sea – 2nd mountain leisure tour

Pure PuTuo Buddhist Kingdom on the sea – 2nd mountain leisure tour

548 CNY Yuan/person  

advance registration: proposal for more than 3 days in advance     view tour dates;

tour venue: Nanjing  

accommodation standard: two stars and/economic  

shopping: 1  

passing through scenic areas: Zhejiang   Zhoushan   Zhoushan sea-crossing bridge   Zhu Jia Jian bridge   mountain scenic area of PuTuo   refused to go to the goddess   black bamboo   Nanhai Guanyin Buddha   hundred step sand beach   puji Temple   West area   of Hangzhou Bay sea-crossing bridge  

travel arrangements

first days   Nanjing early starting, car to China maximum of Islands--Zhoushan Islands, way China so far scale maximum of island land connection engineering--"Zhoushan across Sea Bridge", full long about 50 km, total investment over 13 billion Yuan Yuan, it end has for thousands of years to by boats ferry to Zhoushan of history, arrived in Zhoushan, by "Zhu Jia pointed across Sea Bridge" to Zhu Jia pointed Island, Hou boat to China four Buddhist mountain one of, and Guanyin bodhisattva Dojo--"PuTuo mountain scenic"   (Has containing into mountain big tickets 160 Yuan/people), tour mountain zu Temple--"refused to to goddess hospital, and purple bamboo" (themselves: 5 Yuan/people, about 1 hours), and views "ban deny body burning refers to" tablet, and pounding hole,, and overlooking lojiashan Isle which lies, Hou tour today world goddess open statue most, and sea days Buddha country of symbol--"sea goddess Buddha" (themselves: 6 Yuan/people, about 1 hours),, walk "hundred step sand beach" play sand, and picked up Bell, and feel Island style! Rooms at the hotel to rest after

breakfast:  lunch:  dinner:  

accommodation: PuTuo mountain  

second days   tour PuTuo first big temple--"puji Temple" (themselves: 5 Yuan/people, about 1 hours), and temple within has round pass Temple, and King temple, and Canon floor,, which round pass Temple is full Teraji Temple, person "live Hall", dedicated with high 8.8 meters of PI Lu Guanyin, here is full mountain incense most Mong Kok of temple, can for you and you of family pray a copies better of blessing, Hou tour "West scenic" (has containing, about 1.5 hours): Kwong Fuk monastery, and goddess ancient hole, and pan Tourbillon stone, and Mei Fuan, and Heart Word stone, two tortoises listen fashi, a long-term perspective, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Zhoushan Islands, the boat back after zhujiajian, visit the fisheries in Zhoushan City, drive back to Nanjing, ways to present the world's first cross-Sea Bridge--"the Hangzhou Bay sea-crossing bridge", length 36Km, with a total investment of about 11.8 billion yuan, "Lu dreams bridges fly across the" beauty! Late arriving in Nanjing, ended a pleasant journey back to sweet home

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Top price includes     say   out:  

standard: Pu Tuo Shan Island average 2-3 room (total housing does not guarantee couples live double standard rooms)

distinguished: five-star standard (not listed), and PuTuo mountain xiangsheng hotel standard room (complimentary buffet breakfast) (if there was a single men's singles women spell or fill the rooms or beds)

    say   out:  

half package: self-care attractions tickets and meals without the journey (Premier sent buffet breakfast)

package: self-care attractions tickets and meals of the trip (including 1 as early as 3 is 70 Yuan/person)

child price: only has a round large traffic spaces. service. the rest take care of themselves

price does not include chargeable: puji Temple: 5 Yuan/person purple bamboo forest: 5 Yuan/person, Nanhai Guanyin: 6 Yuan/person (all inclusive is included in the standard)

book your departure location and time: 5:30 Gu Lou Xin Jie Kou Huaihai park entrance;  6:00;  early 6:20  Jiangning cuiping suning appliance gate gate of the hotel

Note 1)   Bay, Zhoushan, zhujiajian bridge excursion for the whole tour, without stopping, for sea-crossing bridge is located in one of the world's three-largest tidal Bay, climatic conditions are complex and variable. As a result of high temperature, fog, freezing rain and snow, Typhoon, weather, or any other cause of cross-Sea Bridge closures and jams lining up for a long time, unconditionally give tours, travel agency does not assume any liability and compensation, cost is not back! Please forgive!

2)   models based on final enrollment decision, many people for carts, and less for the car to ensure each one sitting;

3)   tourists should get in on time, according to registration requests for seats, take it personally, out of less, considered a League member, cost is not returned, please keep the communication open, so tour guides before notification related issues;

4)   by national provides, can not accounted for seat of children of standard for 0.8 meters following arms baby, 0.8 meters above children must accounted for seat, or, I social guide can according to new traffic regulations of has provides, to guarantee car Shang other visitors of normal trip and the life security, right to refused to this children participate in this times tourism activities, which produced of all consequences and loss by visitors conceit; play process in the Please note children, and itself security and the property security;

5)   visitors should carry effective identity card pieces (original), trip in the by column attractions tickets are for attractions tone price, and quotes in the has containing of tickets are for travel agency discount price accounting, as holds guide card or officers card, effective documents not produced tickets, I company is responsible for by travel agency discount price returned, because some preferential treatment documents (as old card) of offers price than travel agency discount price also high, therefore no post can back.

6)   process in tourists is an individual, please choose carefully;

7)   trip tourists attractions at their own expense if they do not attend, please operate freely in attractions gate waiting for guests participating in the tour at their own expense after touring, unified bus continues to tour.

8)   in attractions not variable of situation Xia, I company can according to reality adjustment trip, as encountered national policy sex price or human not resist of factors (as Typhoon, and storm, and traffic jam,) led to of major adjustment, and extended or ahead of terminated Shi, visitors should active obey travel agency of processing arrangements, tourism costs more back less fill, which produced of increased costs by visitors themselves, travel agency not bear responsibility;

9)   accommodation in a natural single single men's lives and three poor people or fill the room;

10)   ban on tourists swim adverse consequences as a result of swimming, borne by the tourist!

11)   tourist personal injury and property damage caused by road traffic accidents, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Road traffic accident compensation