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Pure gold, polar ocean world, Huangdao of Qingdao beach quality leisure 3rd

Pure gold, polar ocean world, Huangdao of Qingdao beach quality leisure 3rd

¥ 648/person  

line quality:  

early registration: recommendation for more than 3 days in advance   location: Nanjing  

accommodation standard: two stars and/economic  

shopping: 2  

passing through scenic areas: Shandong   Qingdao   Golden Beach   the May Fourth square   People's Republic of China standard zero scenic   cruise Qingdao   bridge   Colorado   Beach free   polar ocean world   shilaoren Beach  

travel arrangements

first day of   in Nanjing early, take bus to Qingdao development zone Huangdao. Tour "Golden Sands" (free tickets, for about 4 hours), the wind calm, color transparent, sand fine as powder, sand to gold. Known as the Southeast Asia's largest Beach, around the sands, the thousand pour blue waves, paddle the waves. Long coastline, clear blue waters, fine sand on the beach across from the toes, softly brushing your skin, very pleasant. Enjoy the sea brings you pleasure and dream.

breakfast:  lunch:  dinner:  


second days   breakfast Hou to Qingdao, Tour East Road logo sex building "May Fourth square" (about 30 minutes), Hou to China unique scenic--"People's Republic of China standard 0 points scenic" (30 yuan/people themselves, about 30 minutes), here is China elevation mapping of starting original points, can most intuitive of to experience height from feet began of wonderful feel, tour standard 0 points logo sculpture, and Deng world first seat can mechanical opening and closing of sea Rainbow Bridge ; Visitors also can at their own expense ride value do of luxury yacht, experience sea see Qingdao of real of charm, appreciate East Hawaii and the Victoria of said of Fu Shan Bay beauty, Hou tour known as "fly GE back LAN" of said of Qingdao symbol---"trestle" (tour time not less than 40 minutes), Hou took cruise "sea sightseeing see Qingdao" (tickets 30 yuan/people themselves, about 30 minutes): swaying in sea Shang, far views trestle, and small Qingdao, and small fish mountain,, car tour world building Museum-"eight mark", Hou to " Beach free "(no tickets, about 90 minutes), playing waves, embrace the sea, free activities.

breakfast:  lunch:  dinner:  


the third day   after breakfast, explore Qingdao "polar ocean world" (admission 120 Yuan/person take care of themselves, play about 2 hours): owns the most complete varieties, the largest number of polar animals and sea creatures, visitors see beluga whales, walruses, polar bears, sea otters, fur seals, penguins and other rare polar animals, through the most wide submarine sightseeing tunnel. Back to "largest Qingdao, shilaoren beach water quality best free activities" (approximately 90 minutes): bathing waters part of the surge of clear water, sand smooth, small, the most suitable during the summer for sightseeing, leisure walking on the waves, feel the blue sky, blue sea, enjoy the cool. About 14:00 return, Zhu BA fish pot stickers, stopping on the way, visitors can taste characteristics of live fish fried dumplings and lobster at his own expense, after returning to Nanjing by bus, end happy journey!

breakfast:  lunch:  dinner:  


Top price includes 1, adult half-package: only fares, lodging and guide service, (does not include all meals and additional cost), another exclusive gifts worth RMB 138/person Seafood Buffet;

2, adult all-inclusive: with fares, accommodation, guide service, 2 early 3 dinners (1 dinner not included) (70) and polar ocean world tickets (value 120), gift tour, other self-care attractions tickets and exclusive gifts worth RMB 138/person Seafood Buffet a copy;

3, children price: only spaces remaining at their own expense.

price does not include self-care items:   happy 1+2: buy polar ocean world ticket is 120 Yuan/person, free People's Republic of China standard zero tickets (30) and the Qingdao cruise tickets (30)

  donated attractions not to be sure.

travel outside the recommended project details at their own expense (not included in the all-inclusive fee)

 A:  Taiping Mountain TV Tower or cable 80 yuan/person  ;B: Qingdao Beer Museum, 60 Yuan/person (not to participate in the guests own expense can operate freely in the vicinity)

  package: A+B 120, optional items available for package, packages and documents may not repeat offers.

booking information

reminder 1.  advises tourists to increase travel accident insurance, costs 10 yuan/person.

2.  This itinerary for the information of visitors, after the signing, as the domestic tour groups as an integral part of the contract; in the case of not changing attractions and accommodations, our company can be adjusted according to the actual conditions on the journey.

3.  Please ensure that the phone open, in order to guide the Mission informed the day before if visitors don't stay phone or phone not to, all the consequences of that conceit to tourists.

4.  according to the actual number of size models to ensure a person sitting, in case the number of applicants is less, in order to ensure a smooth departure, the Agency guaranteed tours can be arranged in the same direction with time line car class.

5.  to ensure the collective interest of tourists, please get in on time, accordingly, departure late League member automatically handles, resulting losses shall be borne by the visitors themselves.

6.  Traffic Act provides that no standard for 0.8 per cent of children below a baby in her arms, to the interests and safety of tourists on the bus, 0.8 meters above the traffic law requirement for children to sit,

or tour guide in accordance with the relevant provisions of the new traffic law, reject the children participate in this tourist activity, such as adults with a children's holiday, then the child and spaces must account for.

7.  tour of attractions at their own expense, not to participate in the tourist attractions free after touring activity waits for the other guests at the door, unified bus continues to tour. Travel outside of the featured projects at their own expense: the guests should be in line with "voluntary pay" principle, as appropriate, and guide organizational activities at their own expense will not have any force. Part of the project the number of participants is low, the costs will be adjusted accordingly or lose his place. Shopping arrangement: travel, shopping, personal behavior, please choose carefully;

8.  where the arrangements for shopping, dining, scenic spots or other collection waiting for guests, for low carbon and fuel-saving car does not offer air conditioning.

9.  in men's singles, women's triple, as no triple room the hotel offers, you poor visitors make up room.

10.  the reception quality to the guests for the voucher, such as fill in the comment form does not indicate the local complaints, back to Nanjing, I no longer receive complaints.

11.  visitors in the play process, please pay attention to the children, their own personal safety, please safekeeping of valuables, if there is damage to the Club are not responsible.

12. * This mission and the Nanjing style "buses every day" joint classes, as determined by the Nanjing operation of fashion! Emergency contact number: 83453132

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