Nanjing travel to Shandong Yantai quotes

"Yantai sea is the most simple and broad, the most thrilling. "" Yantai is the birthplace of my soul, my love is infinite in Yantai. "Several years ago, through Mr Bing Xin's writing, reporters first impression of Yantai. Finally, follow the fuzzy memories of Yantai in Bing Xin's works, reporters on the Wonderland of her dreams, really appreciate the beauty of Yantai for the first time.

Yantai near Central Bohai Sea, Korea, and Japan face each other across the sea and coastline of 909 km, its long curving coastline is scattered with many beautiful islands, a beautiful harbour and Persil sands beach. Yantai set "mountain, sea, Islands, forests, springs, rivers," landscape in one, combining ancient and modern myths and legends in a, there are the vagaries of the sea, Mirage wonders, eight immortals in mythology, xufu stories, legends of Qin Shihuang Zhifu shooting shark, all of these mountains and rivers added a lot of mystery here.

as the sign and symbol of Yantai, Yantai mountain reporter first visited. Reset the sea, green trees, beautiful scenery, is a flowing blood in Yantai is known as the Hill, is a piece of green Jadeite jade inlaid in the Yantai mind. Different styles of modern buildings on the Hill enrichment and documented the history of hundreds of years of vicissitudes of Yantai. Enter carries the history and culture of architecture, which makes one here and now, thoughts. Down the ladder into Bing Xin's Memorial, white building, commune with sea seafront, this day, seems to allow reporters to see Bing Xin's elderly to sit here, Vista Paradiso, view of the sea, quiet, leisurely depiction of her love of the sea!

Crescent Bay, long island

Yantai port in Shandong province are the earliest trading ports, in modern era, guangren road walking Street is surrounded by Yantai's most bustling commercial Street, is full of well-preserved historic buildings on either side, is a valuable heritage left in the history of Yantai. Along this axis of history all the way East, is stylish and modern Beach lounge area, open beauty shine through the coastal cities of the era and style.

as we all know, is Asia's only international wine city of Yantai, came naturally and ultimately, to visit century-Changyu wine. Chateau Changyu Castel lies is in production, tourism, and leisure as one of the modern estate, where you can explore the legendary life of Southeast Asia's richest man CHEONG Fatt Tze mansion, history of taste in Changyu legends, enjoy wine cellar building legend can also be brewed wine brewing Fang Li, also underground bar to taste the wine. Exposure to this stately and elegant, but also has Sun, sand, sea and green grapes in the marine environment, makes one feel the Changyu's century-old legendary charm and rich flavor of the times.

during the event, reporters also visited the first based on clocks culture as the theme of the Polaris Clock Museum, full of European style of fisherman's Wharf, legendary mountain Wonderland Penglai Pavilion, Fu-off the land of Longkou Nanshan ... ... Yantai every attraction, seems to be about interpretation and a mountain and sea, people and beautiful fairy tales of the city. The beauty of Yantai, in just two days, in a few words, how can I go to write?

prospect Yantai blue tourism, Yantai tourism Secretary Yin Guowen told reporter, Yantai development blue tourism of mainline is relies on "beach line, and island, and sea tour" to development city leisure and Marina holiday, future focus build cruise yacht tourism, and sea movement, and sea Silk Road culture tourism, and beach sightseeing holiday tourism, and island sightseeing holiday tourism, and marine ecological tourism, and wine tourism, and folk fishing Le tourism, and section thing activities tourism, nine big products. Efforts to develop the waterfront, ecology, culture, Spa, gold, wetlands, golf, winery brand, accelerate the shift to a tourist resort compound and travel, building the basis of tourism, leisure tourism product, a combination of mass and high-end systems.

mountain song city, city with the mountains, the siege around the city and the Sea Island company, blue sky ... ... Yantai, one sea, beach, sea and deposit, excited by the sea of blue tourism leisure!

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