Nanjing to Qinhuangdao, Hebei recommended tours

this ancient name "Jie Shi" the unique coastal city is the last leg of the event, its unique is that she is only "embrace with the sea where the great wall", but only because the Emperor named zunhao city in China, she is in Qinhuangdao.

North of Qinhuangdao Yanshan, flap in the South Bohai Sea, has the great wall, Marina and ecological tourism resources in good, is a famous seaside resort. There are famous Shanhaiguan scenic spots, and graceful in Beidaihe, bihai jinsha nandaihe, as well as the unique mountainous scenery and coastal desert wonders, such as the Gold Coast, 126 km of coastline sustained clear water Beach, sail dance, is ideal for enjoying the sea bath, sand bath, solarium leisure city.

journalists first came to the Shanhaiguan scenic spots, walking in thick city walls at the foot of us awestruck ancient battlefield. Enter the scenic area, a tall tower stands in front of a pool embedded in the town of clear lake, the old majestic castle bring a little soft. The "first pass under heaven" scenic landmark of the city of Shanhaiguan, is the Eastern starting point of the great wall's first major mountain pass, Tower of magnificent. From the tower overlooking the surrounding, landscape or simple, or magnificent, breathtaking. In southern city of Shanhaiguan in the Bohai Sea coast, is the eastern end of the Ming dynasty great wall, where steep terrain, the Hai Shi Cheng, Tao dance like Dragon into the sea waves, so called "old Dragon". Chenghai building stood, looking around, such as the Sea Dragon General Shi Cheng evokes, as far as is the vast sea, sea breeze gently brushed the wall slowly. Station at the pass in silence, holding a thick brick wall, history seems to be branded with the mark of faded in the quiet ... ...