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tianchi scenic spot

travel: tianchi scenic spot

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reason: tianchi scenic spot of Urumqi 110 kilometers. Tianchi 980 meters above sea level, about 3.4 km, maximum width of 1.5 km, maximum depth of 105 m, the legend was the Queen Mother's bathing pool. Lake clear lake, surrounded by dense spruce, snowy of Bogda peak behind, lakes and mountains form a fascinating Alpine landscape, climate is very cool.

play: see snow-capped mountains, photography.

walking route: first arrived in Urumqi, then driving to the tianchi scenic spot. Famous landscape: concept of XI Shan, Shek Mun, Longtan green month, pine trees, sky and Mitsuishi, anchor pin, Wang Haifeng dawn, suspension springs and waterfalls of snow, Nanshan. Along the Lake there are many hotels, guest houses and resorts, rates from dozens of Yuan to 200 Yuan.