Nanjing to Guangxi tour quote

Chongzuo City, Guangxi and Viet Nam border for more than 500 kilometers, and chunhe is a boundary river of daxin County. Chunhe originated in jingxi County, Guangxi is more than 150 km, passing through Viet Nam circuitous back after 35 kilometers in Guangxi Province in China, so the local cross known as chunhe, whose meaning is "returning Yuchun". From Tak Tin Estate to shuolong Township for a river is a natural border, River 30 meters wide, and we stood across the River in the village of Viet Nam a little news at a glance. Houses and roads over there are more worn, the mountain soil under a long line of colorful trucks parked on the road, is the kind of head and trunk separation of large container trucks next to a car, old Tan said although people there way bad this big truck much better than our domestic container truck ran long grades. Yes the car is said to be medicinal herbs, coffee, cigarettes, perfumes, as well as the smuggling of agricultural products, and Viet Nam are relying on those people from many of the smuggling trade.

detian waterfall in shuolong chunhe upstream daxin town and Viet Nam Gao province on the border county of Chongqing Yuxi Town, it is now a national special scenic, waterfall on the border is divided into two parts each with its name, big piece on the right is the detian waterfall in China, more delicate on the left Viet Nam to challenge some waterfalls. Into the scenic German side would flourish and Viet Nam almost no one over there, a bunch of lying on the shore of the blue bamboo rafts are cold idle. Detian waterfall for a three-level drop falls drop 70 meters, the rainy season on both sides of the waterfall into a width of up to 200 meters, the average annual flow of 50 cubic metres per second is the huangguoshu waterfall 5 times. It is also following the Brazil-Argentina's Iguazu falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe's Victoria falls as well as the United States-Canada after Niagara Falls, fourth in the world and the largest in Asia, trans-national waterfall.