Nanjing to Cebu Bohol tours recommended

this honeymoon, an unexpected alternative romance, sweet love frozen in those odd moments, become indelible in the minds of romantic memories!

KISS! Dive hold each other hand fishes to witness the love

Cebu Bohol Philippines ( Twitter ) in more than 7,000 islands one of the most beautiful, the beach here can rival the Maldives where clear water, is a paradise for diving enthusiasts in the world; there is unusual the chocolate hills, the world's smallest mini tarsiers, drop 3000-foot sea cliffs, lovely dolphins. Direct flights from Guangzhou to 2.5 hours, they can reach the original well-preserved paradise in the heart of Cebu to Bohol.

Bohol is a paradise for diving enthusiasts, low fees and other diving spots in the world. Professional diving is a close contact with marine life here; where the water is clear, high visibility, can also let the people enjoy the colorful underwater world snorkeling. With bread, you'll be the most popular figure among fish, bread aroma will attract fish of all sizes from all over travel to your side, holding each other's hands, so that fish are a testimony for the love!

near Bohol sea, there was a sea cliff and plunged into the water, you can still see all sorts of coral snakes, next is a bottomless sea, very spectacular.


climate: annual mean temperature in the local 26~35sheshidu, a monsoon tropical marine climate.

dress code: casual casual wear is the best costume, best way t shirts, shirts, beach shorts; swimming supplies, hat, sunglasses and a high number of sunscreen is a must.

language: English is the official language of the Philippines, English is widely used here.

currency: Philippine currency is the peso (PESO), airports, shopping malls, can exchange, Canadian dollars, Hong Kong dollars and other currencies, the exchange rate is about 1 dollar =48 pesos.

shopping: famous specialty of dried mango and banana chips and so on.