Which tour in July to Nanjing to United States recommended tours

United States third largest city, Chicago is one of the world's most famous cities of modernization, both building on water tour, Museum quest was visiting the skyscraper "sky cliff" will give visitors new and exciting feelings. However the United States metropolis in "one of us" eyes like?

Chicago is my city. If I had to use some kind of pet I have for Chicago, I would choose the loyal, playful dog; if you let me use a celebrity to show Chicago, I chose maliluyisipake (United States comedian), her approachable, and their diverse work attractive.

Chicago will make you feel right at home. There is no pretense: real people in real communities, and world-class cultural attractions. Chicago in a slow way, only one place at a time, you will not regret giving this time.

the four seasons Chicago

in the spring, you should enjoy the Museum's free day. My favorite Chicago Museum of history, Museum of science and industry and contemporary art museum.

in the summer, you can enjoy free summer concerts in Millennium Park for a picnic. Free show numerous, the best performances of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Summer Pitchfork Festival are also worth a look.

in the fall, don't miss the last few months of Logan Square farmer's market. Don't know whether it is Bewitched, allows you to make love all day here.

winter, or somewhere else to play, in a word: cold has been timid.

travel Chicago

If you come to my city, I recommend first place was out of the city of Belmont Harbor to watch the sunrise. When the Sun is just coming up on a Lake, and slowly the light shine on skyscrapers, I think, nothing could be more happy moments. This soft side of Chicago will let visitors amazed.

best museums in Chicago is Shedd Aquarium, United States tallest skyscraper Willis tower are also not to be missed. Standing 103 in the "sky cliff", you can put the sweeping views of the Chicago skyline. In Chicago, "a visit to the" photo, must and the famed sculpture "beans".

in Chicago, in fact, few people are truly indigenous, a lot of people grew up in the Chicago environs, real native people in Chicago are numbered. Riding El, you can see many sides of Chicago. My favourite walking route is through is located near the University of Chicago's Hyde Park. If you bring your children to, Navy Pier amusement park is a good place.

Art Chicago

If you want to be alone, we might as well "shortsightedness" bookstore to hide. Smell of old books is one of the most soothing and elegant fragrance. The four-story Bookstore filled with books, sofas upstairs so you can curl up for hours.

Sina tours:John G Shedd  Aquarium

in order to escape brutal Cubs fan, I usually select "music box" theatre. "Music box" theatre was founded in 1929, the architectural and decorative is bizarre "retro" style. Theater often has an art show. Sitting in the theatre, and friends to share popcorn is always full of joy.

practical advice:

traffic   flew aboard China Southern Airlines flight from Guangzhou after Los Angeles transit Chicago; or direct flights from Beijing and Shanghai to Chicago.

accommodation in   recommended Days Inn Alsip, single price of about 500 Yuan, the transportation is convenient, and cost-effective.

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